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This topic explains the reviews that are conducted for CP (child) recipients who are granted CP initially on the basis that the care receiver's condition is short term or episodic, and whose short term or episodic care is extended beyond 6 months, making them eligible for a continuing payment of CP (child).

Purpose of review

The purpose of short term and episodic conditions reviews is to ensure that carers who initially qualified for payment on the basis that the care receiver's condition was short term or episodic, continue to be qualified for payment.

These reviews also provide an opportunity to identify whether there are any additional Centrelink services that carers may benefit from, and to remind carers of their rights and obligations when receiving Centrelink payments.

Method of review

The carer is sent both a Care Needs Assessment and a Medical Assessment form.

Frequency of reviews

This review is conducted once, 3 months after their status changed from short term or episodic to continuing on payment of CP (child). After this time, carers in receipt of continuing payments are subject to the standard review regime.

Act reference: SSAct section 197G Qualification-short term or episodic care of children, section 197H Qualification-extension of short term or episodic care, section 197J Qualification following qualification for short term or episodic care

Policy reference: SS Guide Qualification for CP (child) - short term or episodic care, Qualification for CP (child) - extension to short term or episodic care

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