CP (child), CA (child) Reviews - Hospitalisation


This topic explains the reviews that are conducted for CP (child) and CA (child) recipients where their child has been hospitalised (

Purpose of review

The purpose of Hospitalisation Reviews is to verify that:

  • the child continues to be hospitalised,
  • that the carer continues to participate in the care of the child, and
  • that it is intended the child will return to the care of the carer upon discharge from hospital.

Hospitalisation Reviews also provide an opportunity for Centrelink to identify whether they can offer the carer any additional assistance.

Frequency of review

Carers must notify Centrelink when their child care receiver is hospitalised.

A review will be conducted after every 12 weeks of consecutive hospitalisation.

A full Care Load Review will be conducted after 24 months of consecutive hospitalisation.

Act reference: SSAct section 198AA Qualification for carer payment-hospitalisation, section 955 Qualification for carer allowance-hospitalisation

Policy reference: SS Guide Qualification for CP during temporary absence from the private home - hospitalisation, Qualification during temporary absence from the private home - hospitalisation (CA)

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