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This topic explains CA recognised disability (1.1.R.90) reviews and 16 years of age reassessment of qualification. This topic covers the following:

  • recognised disability reviews (CA) which has 2 categories:

    • disabilities ONLY considered severe until a certain age,
    • medical condition (1.1.R.95) reviews, and
  • child 16 years reassessment of qualification.

Recognised disability reviews (CA)

Children with recognised disabilities are subject to a simplified process of review. The recognised disability review regime also applies to disabilities and medical conditions treated as recognised disabilities for review purposes only. These are covered in the referenced topic.

Policy reference: SS Guide CA (child) - disabilities & medical conditions recognised for review purposes only

The timing of the reviews is the same, as for children who qualify under the DCLA (1.1.D.170), but the review requirements are much simpler, being ONLY to ensure the child (1.1.C.90) is still receiving care and attention in the family home. This applies to BOTH:

  • recognised disabilities, AND
  • disabilities and medical conditions treated as recognised for review purposes only.

Recognised disabilities or medical conditions which are only recognised until the child reaches a certain age

Where the inclusion of a disability or medical condition on the Lists of Recognised Disabilities indicates that a review is necessary at a certain age, or after a specific period, or after a specific treatment, the care receiver should be reassessed.

Example: If the child has severe multiple or physical disability, including uncontrolled seizures and is under 6 months of age the child's condition should be reviewed at 6 months of age.

Child 16 years

When a young person turns 16 years of age they no longer qualify their carer for CA (child). Although many 16 year olds will qualify their carer for CA (adult), transfer is not automatic and a claim for CA (adult), which includes an assessment of the care receiver against the ADAT, MUST be lodged. Refer to transition from CA (child) to CA (adult) (

Act reference: SSAct section 953 Qualification for carer allowance - caring for either 1 or 2 disabled children, section 953A Remaining qualified for carer allowance up to 3 months after child turns 16

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