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This topic explains MOB reviews. This topic covers the following:

  • purpose of MOB reviews
  • medical reviews
  • work or training reviews, and
  • reviewing employment details.

Purpose of MOB reviews

MOB reviews are undertaken periodically to ensure the recipient has continuing entitlement. Reviews may be undertaken for any reason, but are generally for:

  • medical purposes, OR
  • work or training purposes, OR
  • to follow up personal details.

Policy reference: SS Guide Notification & recipient obligations for MOB

Medical reviews

Medical reviews are conducted ONLY if a delegate considers a recipient's inability to use public transport without substantial assistance (1.1.S.380) is not permanent. These MOB recipients may be subject to medical reviews from the date of grant and thereafter.

Work or training reviews

All MOB recipients may be subject to work or training reviews from the date of grant and thereafter.

Reviewing employment details

MOB recipients in employment, including supported employment, need to have their employment details verified and reviewed consistent with other income support recipients in employment.

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