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This topic explains the special provisions for when to lodge a claim for the following payments:

  • PBS and PBBP
  • disability support pension
  • special employment advance, and
  • pensioner education supplement.


A claim for PBS must be attached to a claim for Age. The only exceptions are:

  • where the person makes a claim for Age and the form does not require the claimant to disclose whether the claimant is registered as a member of the PBS. In that case the claimant must be invited to lodge a claim for PBS, and
  • where a claim for pension bonus is lodged after the claim for age pension and special circumstances apply, with reference to any guidelines made under SS(Admin)Act section 17(6).

A person must have accrued at least 1 full bonus year period (1.1.B.80) to qualify for a pension bonus. A claim for the bonus must be lodged within 13 weeks of ceasing work or failing to accrue a bonus period. There is discretion to accept a late claim for a bonus.

If a person who claims both Age and PBS withdraws the claim for Age or has their Age claim rejected, the claim for PBS is taken to have been withdrawn.

See 3.4.11 for claim requirements for PBBP.

Act reference: SS(Admin)Act section 17 Special requirements regarding claims for pension bonus, section 20 to section 26 Time limits for claims for pension bonus

Policy reference: SS Guide Claiming the PBS bonus, 3.4.11 PBBP - qualification & payability

Disability support pension

A person claiming DSP must be under age pension age on the day the claim is lodged.

Act reference: SS(Admin)Act section 28 Claims for DSP

SSAct section 23(5A) Pension age

Special employment advance

A claim for SEA must specify the amount sought. If the claim was lodged before the day on which the payment is cancelled or reduced as a result of unreceived income, the claim is taken to be made on that day unless the Secretary determines otherwise.

Unless there are exceptional financial needs, the delegate must refuse a claim for SEA if:

  • the claim is based on the effects of unreceived income, or
  • they believe the income will be received within 2 days after the claim is made.

Act reference: SS(Admin)Act section 18 Additional provisions regarding claim for special employment advance

SSAct section 1061EM Qualification for special employment advance

Pensioner education supplement

If PES is claimed by specified cut off dates, the payment of PES can be backdated in certain limited circumstances.

Policy reference: SS Guide Backdated start days - PES

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