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9.2.14 Visa subclass ZB 951 Criminal Justice Stay Visa


Note: The information below has been compiled by DSS as a guide only. It only covers residential qualification for social security payments and concessions for the specified visa subclasses. Visa holders must also meet other qualification requirements to receive a payment or concession card.

Visa subclasses and their conditions are the responsibility of the Department of Home Affairs. Please check the Department of Home Affairs website for any updates to visa details.

Payment eligibility

Visa subclass number Visa name Permanent residence visa AoS Sponsored/ nominated Payments & concession cards residentially qualified for Additional information
ZB 951 Criminal Justice Stay Visa No - temporary No AoS Not sponsored SpB, FTB, PLP and DAPP in certain circumstances (Note A) This visa used to be issued as part of the Human Trafficking Visa Framework up to 30 June 2015 (see National Action Plan to Combat Modern Slavery website).


Note Explanation

Holders of a CJSV that has been issued only for the purpose of assisting in the administration of criminal justice in relation to an offence of trafficking in persons, slavery or slavery like practices residentially qualify for SpB, FTB, PLP and DAPP due to Ministerial determinations made under the SS Act section 729(2)(f)(v). The Criminal Justice Stay Certificate identifies which CJSV holders are alleged victims of human trafficking.

Holders of a CJSV issued for the above purpose are also exempt from the NARWP for SpB, FTB, PLP and DAPP due to Ministerial Determinations made under the SSAct section 739A(6).

Policy reference: SS Guide 9.1.2 Visas, Qualification for SpB, Exemptions from the NARWP

FA Guide Residence requirements, NARWP for FTB Part A (see 'Exemptions from the NARWP')

PPL Guide 2.4.1 Australian residency test for PLP, 2.4.3 NARWP for PLP (see 'Exemptions from the NARWP')

May be eligible for CCS and CrP.

Act reference: SS(Admin)Act section 30A Exclusion from section 29 residence requirement of crisis payment claimants holding certain visas

Policy reference: FA Guide CCS - Australian residency exceptions

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