2.5 Applications & elections to amend an assessment


This chapter describes the applications and elections that may be made to amend a child support assessment.

It describes:

  • how and when a parent can make an estimate of income when their income decreases
  • how a parent may apply to have certain income earned after separation excluded from their assessment, and
  • how a parent can make an application for the fixed annual assessment ($20 per child, per week, indexed) not to be used, or can apply to reduce the minimum annual rate of child support to nil.

It also contains information about applying to have an assessment continued to the end of the school year in which a secondary student turns 18. An application can also be made to have a relevant dependent child taken into account in a parent's assessments for other children until the end of the relevant school year.

WA ex-nuptial cases

All of the information in these chapters applies to WA-ex nuptial children. See 1.4.3 for details of the date from which various provisions had effect.

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