1.1.D.60 Departure interview


A departure interview is an interview in which a person advises of an intention to go overseas, either temporarily or permanently. The departure interview does not have to be a formal face-to-face interview. It can be conducted by telephone, if that is considered appropriate.

The aims of the departure interview are to:

  • determine whether the person's payment will be payable during any or all of the absence
  • determine the period for which the payment is payable and the method of payment
  • determine the appropriate rate, including: whether add-ons such as PhA, RA or pension supplement are to be paid during the absence, and whether the rate should be proportionalised after 26 weeks of absence
  • review the person's current financial circumstances under the income and assets tests
  • review the person's family situation when partners and/or children are involved
  • advise DSP recipients of future entitlement status on medical grounds
  • conduct an early post-grant interview, if the person is a sole parent who was granted PPS within 3 months of the expected date of departure from Australia (1.1.A.320)
  • answer the person's questions and to let them know their entitlements, rights and obligations
  • give the person written advice if
    • the social security payment is not payable during their absence
    • payment is to be made for a limited period only
    • the pension will be paid after 26 weeks' absence but at a reduced rate, OR
    • for those with no AWLR (1.1.A.340), the pension rate will be NIL after 26 weeks' continuous absence.

Act reference: SSAct section 23(1)-'social security payment'

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