Overview of the professional questionnaire scoring regime


The following table provides an overview of the scoring process using the DCLA professional questionnaire.

Step Action
1 Establish the child's chronological age.
2-5 Assign scores to each of the responses in the professional questionnaire.
6 Adjust the raw scores from the previous 4 steps.
7 Amend the scores for children aged 12 years and above.
8 Do cusp adjustment for children who do not have a qualifying score but who are about to enter a new stage of development, if appropriate.
9 If the age amended THP total score is more than zero (>0), this score is a qualifying professional questionnaire score and contributes to the qualifying rating for the DCLA (Child).

The process of calculating a score has been automated, but the score can also be manually calculated if there is a need to confirm or explain the result. For scores that are calculated automatically, an additional step is necessary to identify certain situations that require validation.

Policy reference: SS Guide Validation of the Disability Care Load Assessment (Child) - CP (child), CA (child)

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