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For CP (child) qualification, no further steps need to be taken in the DCLA (Child) ACL questionnaire scoring, if a medical practitioner has certified that the child:

  • has a terminal condition, and
  • the average life expectancy for a child with the same or similar condition is not substantially longer than 24 months.

The test is complete and no further steps are necessary. The ACL questionnaire score is zero however, the child is given a qualifying rating on the DCLA.

Note 1: The carer must meet all qualification requirements in order to be granted CP in respect of a care receiver aged under 16 years, including residency and income and assets.

Note 2: For CA (child) qualification, scoring step 1 does not apply.

Act reference: SSAct section 197E Qualification-child who has a terminal condition, section 953 Qualification for CA-caring for either 1 or 2 disabled children

Policy reference: SS Guide 1.1.T.86 Terminal condition (CA) (CP), Qualification for CP (child) - child who has a terminal condition, Qualification for CA

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