DCLAD (Child) professional questionnaire scoring step 5 - scoring for non-developmentally-linked categories of function


Step 5 scoring of the DCLA professional questionnaire assesses the level at which the child functions in the 2 domains that are not measured against developmental milestones (1.1.D.130). For domains 9 and 10, that is, behaviour (1.1.B.20) and special care needs (1.1.S.240), a different method of assessment is employed.

Calculating the scores

The THP (1.1.T.170) is asked to indicate EACH item on the list that applies to the child.

For these 2 functional domains, the following rules apply:

  • The child obtains a score of +2 for each response marked for

    • M-10k and M-10I in the THP questionnaire, and
    • a score of 1 for each other response in domains 9 and 10.
  • The child cannot obtain a score of less than zero (< 0) for either of these categories.
  • The highest score for behaviour is +6 on the THP questionnaire.
  • The highest score for special care needs is +17 on the THP questionnaire.

The sum of the scores from the THP questionnaire for behaviour and special care needs is carried over to step 6.

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