2.9.3 When child support is due & payable


A child support assessment creates a liability owed by a liable parent to a payee. The CSA Act sets out when a liability is due and payable.

Act references

CSA Act section 77, section 78

CSRC Act section 24A, section 30


Once the Registrar makes an assessment and produces a notice of assessment, the daily rate of child support specified for the child support period becomes an amount the payer is liable to pay to the payee (CSA Act section 77).

Child support payable in relation to any day in a month becomes due and payable on:

  • the 7th day of the following month, or
  • the 30th day after the liable parent concerned was given a notice of assessment

whichever is the later (CSA Act section 78).

When the Registrar makes a child support assessment, the liability for collection must be registered unless:

  • the payee has elected not to have the liability registered under the CSRC Act, or
  • the payer applied for the child support assessment (CSRC Act section 24A) (5.1.3).

If the Registrar registers the liability for collection, the child support becomes a debt due to the Commonwealth. It is payable at the payment rate specified in the Child Support Register for the payment period (CSRC Act section 30) and is not due to the payee under section 78 (5.1.2).

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