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6.1.3 Authorisation to make decision on another's behalf


The Registrar has issued a written authorisation under CSA Act section 149 and CSRC Act section 15 to enable certain Services Australia officers to make decisions on behalf of the Registrar.

Act references

CSRC Act section 15, section 61

CSA Act section 149


The Registrar has signed an instrument of authorisation that covers most of the decision-making powers in the CSA Act and the CSRC Act. This instrument authorises officers to make particular types of decisions on the basis of their position. An officer who makes a decision under an authorisation is doing so as an agent of the person who holds the power to make the decision (i.e. the Registrar).

The instrument of authorisation itemises the levels at which decisions can be made under the CSA Act and the CSRC Act.

Section 61 of the CSRC Act provides that an officer authorised by the Registrar may enter an employer's premises to inspect records for the purposes of collecting child support from salary and wages. The Registrar, or a delegate of the Registrar, provides these officers with a personal written authority under section 61.

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