6.3.5 Proof of identity


Proof of identity checks help Services Australia comply with privacy law and the child support secrecy provisions that require the protection of the personal information of child support parents and carers.

Need to prove identity

Services Australia requires proof of identity from parents, carers and their authorised representatives to avoid the possibility of disclosing protected information to a person who is not entitled or authorised to receive it.

Services Australia cannot require a person to provide their tax file number (TFN) to establish or confirm their identity. TFNs are protected under subdivision BA of the Taxation Administration Act 1953 and the Privacy (Tax File Number) Rule 2015 (TFN Rule). The TFN Rule prohibits the use of TFNs to establish or confirm the identity of an individual for any purpose not authorised by taxation, personal assistance or superannuation law.

Services Australia does not need to establish the identity of a person before providing general information to them (e.g. information about the child support scheme, or the methods the Registrar uses to collect child support). However, Services Australia will not provide personal or protected information to a person if their identity cannot be established.

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