2.4.4 Child support income


The child support income of both parents is used to calculate their child support assessment.

A parent's share of the parents' combined child support income indicates the share of the costs of the child they are responsible to meet. This is an 'income shares' approach and treats both parents' incomes in the same way. This section explains how a parent's child support income is calculated and includes information about the rules that apply when income information is not available and when a taxable income is amended.

Child support income components

A parent's child support income is their:

  • adjusted taxable income (, less
  • the self-support amount (, less
  • any relevant dependent child amount (, less
  • any multi-case allowance (

WA ex-nuptial cases

The information in this topic applies to WA ex-nuptial children.

Policy reference: CS Guide 1.4.3 History of application of the CSA Act to WA ex-nuptial cases

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