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2.4.3 The steps involved in making a child support assessment


The Registrar must follow specified steps when making an administrative assessment of child support.

Act reference

CSA Act section 5, Part 5


When working out the annual rate of child support payable for a child using Formula 1, the basic formula, the Registrar must use the following steps:

Steps Action More detail
1 Work out each parent's child support income (CSA Act section 41) 2.4.4
2 Work out the parents' combined child support income (CSA Act section 42) 2.4.7
3 Work out each parent's income percentage (CSA Act section 55B) 2.4.7
4 Work out each parent's percentage of care for the child (CSA Act section 48) 2.4.5
5 Work out each parent's cost percentage for the child (CSA Act section 55C) 2.4.5
6 Work out each parent's child support percentage for the child (CSA Act section 55D) 2.4.5
7 Work out the costs of the child under sections 55G and 55H of the CSA Act 2.4.6
8 If a parent has a positive child support percentage under step 6, the 'annual rate of child support' payable by the parent for the child for the day is worked out using the formula:

  • Child support percentage × Costs of the child

An example of the calculation of an assessment using the basic formula is included at 2.4.7, where Formula 1 is explained.

There are additional steps required when one of the other 5 formulas is used. Information about these additional steps is included in 2.4.8 for cases where there is a non-parent carer in a single child support assessment; in 2.4.9 where at least one parent has multiple child support cases and in 2.4.10 where the income of one parent only is used in the assessment.

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