Claim action 10 - ATO has not actioned TFN request

Is a letter required?


What to do

Centrelink must contact the ATO and obtain either:

  • the TFNs for the relevant TFN persons (1.1.T.50), or
  • statements about the TFN status of a TFN person.

Information from ATO

If TFNs are provided on contact, the claim should be determined.

If the ATO advises that:

  • the individual does not have a TFN, or
  • where a TFN application was pending, the application has been rejected, withdrawn or never actually made

see FA Guide Claim action 11 - ATO advises Centrelink no TFN.

No information from ATO

If 28 days have passed since the claim for FTB was made and no response has been received from the ATO regarding the individual's statement that either they do not know their TFN or that an application for a TFN is pending, then the claim should be determined. When the ATO responds to the request the claim should be reviewed in accordance with the information obtained from the ATO.


An electronic or paper file record of this advice should be kept.

Policy reference: FA Guide 4.2.3 Determination of FTB claim

Last reviewed: 1 July 2020