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Is a letter required?


What to do

Centrelink must advise the individual that they need to lodge a proper FTB claim form.

Centrelink must:

  • send the individual (1.1.A.72) a proper claim form, or
  • arrange an appointment for the individual to complete a proper claim form.

The date of lodgement of the proper FTB claim form will be the date the original claim was made if:

  • the claim is returned within 14 days of it being received by the individual, or
  • the individual attends an interview within 14 days of contact.

Consequences of not complying with the request

Failure of the individual to return the form or attend an interview stops the claim from being effective (1.1.E.10).

The individual should be advised that an ineffective claim cannot be reinstated by any Centrelink action, and if they want to test their eligibility for FTB in the future they must lodge a new claim.


An electronic or paper file record of this advice should be kept.

Policy reference: FA Guide Common FTB claim requirements

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