Claim action 11 - ATO advises Centrelink no TFN

Is a letter required?


Content of the letter

Advise the individual (1.1.A.72) that their claim cannot be determined without the TFN details for the TFN claim person (1.1.T.50).

Explanation: The TFN claim person or substitution person:

  • has not made an application for a TFN, or
  • has been refused a TFN, or
  • has withdrawn a TFN application, or
  • does not have a TFN.

Failure to provide these details stops the claim from being effective (1.1.E.10).

The individual should be advised that an ineffective claim cannot be reinstated by any Centrelink action, and if they want to test their eligibility for FTB in the future they must lodge a new claim.


An electronic or paper file record of this advice should be kept.

Policy reference: FA Guide TFN requirements for FTB, Restrictions on determining FTB claims

Last reviewed: 1 July 2020